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" I love to write suspenseful page-turners! Stories of flawed characters whose lives are transformed by the power of forgiveness."


Formerly an elementary school teacher and counselor, I embarked on a new career as an author of Christian Fiction after I retired. My concern for families suffering abuse and my passion for revealing the power of forgiveness in creating lives with hope for the future were the catalysts for writing my first novel, Runaways: The Long Journey Home.

In the last two years before I left teaching, I had a recurring dream. In it, a young boy was running away from a remote cabin in the dead of winter.

The dream happened so often, that I came to believe it was a story I was meant to write. So one day, I sat down in front of my computer and allowed my imagination to write the rest of the story. I was as surprised as anyone else as Jake’s story unfolded!

The writing bug caught me and bit hard.

Since then, I have written and published five more Christian Fiction novels, three interactive picture books, and short stories for two collections.

Brenda Poulos Author

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Justice for Jessie

If you had been behind the wheel on that fateful morning, how would you have reacted?
A deadly accident.
The death of a child.
An unlikely suspect.
The circumstances will tear at your heartstrings.
The choices will confuse and anger you.
And you’ll question every decision Meg Reynolds makes.



Guided and protected by unseen forces, encouraged by Mama’s visits and accompanied by his faithful dog, Hound, Jake runs away from the cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. And Father hunts him down with the very rifle he used to kill Sam and Mama.


The Choice

This page-turning drama features believable and engaging characters and their struggles with the most important choice of all. Tragically realistic, this emotional rollercoaster is a vivid, shocking story based on the ultimate standard of truth.


Truth or Dare

Poor choices and vengeful actions, yet we have many of the same needs as Simon does. His journey to reconciliation illustrates how God uses our broken lives for His ultimate purpose and glory. Book Two in the Simon Says series.


Simon Says

A man with Asperger’s Syndrome and a Spider Man alter ego struggles to free himself from his life-long bully. But, when a disaster threatens the bully’s family, will he put aside his emotions to help? What would Spider Man do? Book One in the Simon Says series.


Tug of War

A masterful tale of how abuse through the generations is healed through the gift of God’s grace and forgiveness. Compelling and masterful. Its message will stay with you long after you finish reading. Book Three in the Simon Says series.


Cat's Cradle

Mary—a baby in book one of the Simon Says series—is now a six-year-old facing the ordinary challenges of growing up and beginning school. But she also must adjust to the new knowledge that the man she knows as her beloved Daddy is not her real father. Can she learn to love and trust someone new? Book four in the Simon Says series.


The Seasons

Book One of the innovative series of Interactive Picture Books for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, their loved ones, and caregivers. Original poetry, captivating art, and poignant discussion questions.


Bible Stories

Book Two. This book sets the stage for meaningful conversations, strengthens connections with others, and allows individuals with Alzheimers to reconnect with their spiritual lives.



Book Three of the Interactive Picture Books for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. It sets the stage for meaningful conversations between the generations as they recall and discuss holidays that were enjoyed in each person’s earlier years.

Desert Tapestry

Christian Writers of the West, a division of American Christian Fiction Writers, proudly presents a collection of short stories to warm your hearts and encourage you in your everyday life. Each author is gifted with a unique writing style, accounting for the wide variety included in this collection. Brenda Poulos’s contributions include Call Me Cookie, Last Visit, A Pause for Thanks, and Miss Dinee Beau.


Christmas Tapestry

Christian Writers of the West, the southwestern division of American Christian Fiction Writers, proudly presents their second book, a collection of Christmas-themed short stories to warm your hearts throughout the season. Each writer is gifted with a unique writing style, accounting for the wide variety included in this collection. Brenda Poulos’s contributions include Christmas Dance and Jesus Bird.


Journey of Forgiveness

Journeys of Forgiveness is a collection of novellas by four well-known Christian Writers featuring families who struggle with past hurts and disappointments. Families facing the decision to hold onto bitterness, or to let it go. Journey with them as they find the strength to approach their difficult circumstances and learn life-changing lessons along the way. Brenda Poulos’s novella, Mending Fences, was on her heart to write for several years. She was just waiting for the right project to come along.